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Off the record, Hawk ’N’ Dove is basically a Washington monument. It reflects an older Washington that believed in politics, not just politicking. Hawk ’N’ Dove is where you can sip an Old Fashioned, hear political talk, and mingle with everyone from the black-suited, brown-shoed lobbyists, to the neighborhood folk that have been in this town since the Carter administration. Our beverages and food selections reflect our local support for this wonderful town, and if you use your imagination, you can almost hear the echo of past conversations from the most powerful people in the free world, spoken over gin and whiskey.



Private Events

Hawk ‘n’ Dove welcomes anyone in search of an exceptional way to celebrate with a variety of private dining and event options for any occasion, year-round. With each event, you’ll receive customized food and drink packages, entertainment options, transportation assistance and flexibility to accommodate all your audio and video needs. Parties of 10 to 400 guests may enjoy a seated or cocktail experience in our expansive private area with a dedicated bar and service station.

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